How to make a handbag tassel using a Bobbin Girl Tassel Cap

How to make a handbag tassel using a Bobbin Girl Tassel Cap

Adding a tassel to your handbag or wristlet really adds a touch of style and they are so easy to make, I added one to my Selena Tote in pink faux leather

Tools you will need

1 piece of faux leather or matching fabric for your bag (I used a piece 4.75" wide x 3" tall to fit the tassel cap snuggly when rolled up)
Bobbin Girl metal tassel cap
An awl or some other sharp tool that will fit through the screw hole on the cap
Small Screw Driver
Pair of scissors
Wooden stick or something similar to ease the tassel roll into the cap
Glue - I like to use Fabri Tac

Step 1
Cut and measure your piece of faux leather or fabric 4.75" wide x 3" tall

Step 2
On the wrong side of your faux leather or fabric, draw a line 1/2" from the top edge

Step 3

Cut the fringe of your tassel, up to but not past the 1/2" line. My cuts are approximately 3/8" apart but you can cut them as thin or thick as you want (just remember, the thinner they are, the less strong they are)

Step 4
To test that your tassel will fit into the tassel cap, roll it up tightly along the top and insert it into the tassel cap. If you have trouble getting into the cap, unroll the tassel and trim the width a little bit

Step 5
Unroll the tassel and add glue all the way across the top

don't use too much glue otherwise it will seep out when you roll the tassel back up

Step 6
Put some glue (again not too much) into the tassel cap itself

Step 7
After adding the glue, roll your tassel back up, again as tightly as you can, insert it into the tassel cap - I used a little pointed wooden stick to ease it into the cap until I felt it was secure

Step 8
Use an awl or similar sharp, pointed tool and poke it through the small screw hole in the side of the cap - push it in as far as possible as this will help the screw go into your faux leather more easily I got the screw started by hand before using a small screw driver to screw it in place.  

Your tassel is now complete, hang it from your bag with pride because you made it!!