Bag Making Questions Answered

January 31, 2020

Bag Making Questions Answered

People email me all the time asking questions about bag making so I thought it would be very useful to all of you to post them here

If you have a bag making question, be it about interfacing, hardware, patterns, what sewing machine I use etc, please email me at and I will reply and post it here for everyone to read 

Today I was contacted by Francis who wanted to know how to "proof" her bag and by that she meant how to keep it clean without having to wash it

My answer:

"Dear Francis

I have to say I never wash my fabric prior to making my bags and I've never washed a completed bag either (oh except an Necessary Clutch Wallet which got covered with milk in the bottom of my shopping bag) and it survived the wash brilliantly.  If you were to wash a bag, I would suggest putting it on a low heat (30 C) and perhaps but it in a wash bag to minimise being bashed around in the drum. 

I also put bag feet on my bags to protect it when you put it on the floor and I guess you could Scotch Guard it to give it added protection if you wanted to - I've never done this but would suggest testing a small area first to make sure it doesn't ruin your fabric"

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