Interfacing for Bag Making

Bobbin Girl Bag Making Supplies sells a huge range of interfacing for bag making, we stock all the main types suggested in most main stream bag patterns, either the original brand or a generic version. If you are unsure about which interfacing to buy, please get in touch.

In short interfacing or as it is sometimes called interlining, strengthens and provides structure to your fabric and ultimately your projects. If you want your bag, purse or pouch to be soft and squidgy then a fleece type interfacing would work best however if you want your bag project to stand up, to have structure, then foam will achieve this result.

Bobbin Girl stocks 3 foam interfacing products, two which you attach to your fabric with an iron (fusible), 
Style Vil Fix and  Pellon Flex Foam Single Sided Fusible and the third, a sew in variety, Style Vil Sew In Foam which is attached to your fabric either by using a basting stitch within the seam allowance of your pattern pieces or by using Heat N Bond Light which acts as a glue to stick the foam to fabric 
Whichever foam interfacing you decide to use, Bobbin Girl strongly suggests fusing woven interfacing to exterior bag pattern pieces first before attaching the foam, it greatly reduces wrinkles which are mainly formed when turning your bag right side out or birthing your bag