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Bobbin Girl Zip Ends - Iridescent Rainbow

Bobbin Girl Bag Making Supplies

Bobbin Girl Zip Ends - Iridescent Rainbow


Metal Zip Ends - Iridescent Rainbow

These super cute, iridescent rainbow zip ends are a wonderful way of finishing off ugly zip ends.  They can be used on either end of the zip and are simple to attach - simply fold the zip tab to the back and slide on then add a screw to secure.

Iridescent Rainbow 

19mm long, 11mm wide, 6mm deep

5 per pack 

Installation instructions
Trim the zip tails off so they are just beyond the metal stops at the end of the zipper (sometimes it is helpful to add a couple of whip stitches right beside the metal stops to sew the open end closed)

Then fold one side of the zip tape to the back and then the other.  Slide them into the zip end for fit, if they fit well then pull them out and get the screw started a little bit.  Put some glue inside the zip end which sticks to the metal and fabric, such as Guttermann or Fabritak, refold the zip tape and slide it back in, then screw the screw all the way in. 

If you are using a wide zip which has a larger stop end or wider tape they may need to be trimmed to fit

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