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REMNANTS Pellon Flex-Foam FF78F1, 1-Sided Fusible


REMNANTS Pellon Flex-Foam FF78F1, 1-Sided Fusible


Remnants, Pellon Flex Foam FF78F1, 1 sided Fusible Foam 
These remnants have some markings on them, made during manufacture and some are shop soiled - they arrived in my shop like this and for that reason I can't sell at full price.  These pieces are still perfectly usable 

Fabulously soft and squidgy, super light weight, single sided fusible foam to give your bags and many other sewing projects shape and structure, not to mention providing protection for delicate items such as phones and tablets.

Easy to apply, cover with a damp pressing cloth, set your iron to wool and press each section for 10 seconds until it is adheres to your fabric

Your sewing machine will love it, it's like sewing through butter 

Try it out by making Tara''s Campus Clutch, a free pattern from Pellon

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