Bag Zips & Zip Decoration

Bobbin Girl sells a selection of bag making zips, no. 3 YKK zips which have 3mm wide teeth and 1" (25mm) wide tape and No. 5 continuous zipper tape which has 5mm wide teeth and is 1.25" (32mm) wide.  No. 3 zips come in a variety of colours and are generally used for making pouches, wristlets and bag pockets while No. 5 zips are used for main zip closures on bags and totes.

Bobbin Girl's No. 5 zipper tape has metallic look nylon teeth which gives the illusion of it having metal teeth but it's so much easier to sew over with no broken needles.  Unlike No. 3 zips which have a stopper, No. 5 tape is continuous, it's sold by the yard so you can cut it to the length you need and add a zip pull.  A stopper can be created by sewing back and forth over the zipper tape to prevent the pull from detaching or you can add a zipper tab, which not only looks pretty, it also reduces bulk in the side seams

In addition to zippers, Bobbin Girl also sells a selection of classy zip pulls in fun shapes and colours, besides being functional they are pretty too, adding a touch of decoration and a professional finish to your handmade bag

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